DIY: Super Easy No-Sew T-Shirt Bag


This one is for all of my friends who say: “I’m not creative like you!” If you can use scissors, you’re halfway done with this project.  I was inspired by a bag that my kindred spirit friend Sarah gave me for Christmas. This bag is like magic, you keep putting things in it and it stretches to accommodate. I will demonstrate! Here is a huge stack of library books that weighs about 40 pounds.

I went a little crazy at the library. I'm sorry if this pic is sideways on your phone! I hate that.
I went a little crazy at the library. I’m sorry if this pic is sideways on your phone! I hate that.

Here is the magical Christmas T-shirt bag holding ALL of those books.


There are even some huge Where’s Waldo Hardbacks in there! This thing is like Mary Poppins’ Bag.

My friend Sarah told me it was incredibly easy to make, but I checked out a couple Youtube videos just to make sure there wasn’t some fancy kind of knot I’m supposed to do. Turns out, no, there is no special knot. A child could make this!


Find a shirt to sacrifice.

I love this shirt, but it is dark, thick and shapeless. Also, I’m a grown ass adult now, I need people to respect my authoritah, not giggle at my dolphin t-shirt.

STEP TWO: Chop off bottom seam.

Pays to get some nice fabric scissors.

STEP THREE: Chop off arms.


STEP FOUR: Fold in half lengthwise, cut off neckline. You could make a deeper neckline, and I will in the future. I made this cut this size so I would not have to chop into the artwork.IMG_0924

STEP FIVE:  Cut fringe into the bottom of the shirt. So on the internet this one chick said to cut strips “6 cm tall by 2 cm apart.” SO I took some creative liberty and measured with my eyes and made evenly spaced, uniform-ish cuts.

Let’s make things easy here people

STEP SIX: If you want your bag to have funky fringe, leave your bag as is and start tying knots. If you’re not into the fringe look, (which I personally don’t love) you can turn your bag inside out. Starting on one side, tie the front to the back with double knots.




This part is a bit time consuming, but altogether not that bad, considering this whole project takes like 20 minutes!

You’re done! You now have a strangely strong, magically capable, upcycled reusable bag!



Hey look at that, near instant gratification!

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